The Warner Robins Transit successfully started transporting passengers before Christmas We have two separate routes for a total of twenty-nine stops. We currently have requests for an additional ten stops. We currently have four drivers and are still taking applications.

Printable Route Schedules

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Please find our new route schedules below. The website for the Warner Robins Transit is being developed and we anticipate it will be up and running very soon. You can continue to get updates at this website until then.

The buses are running morning, noon and late afternoon, Monday through Friday. The WRT is also planning to add additional buses so we will be able to run the routes every hour.

The information call number is having an extension added that will be dedicated to Warner Robins Transit information and this is also being developed. The bus route schedules will be updated in May to better serve our riders.

If you have questions before we have completed the above objectives, feel free to contact Oscar Mason at omason@warnerrobinsha.com or by phone at (478) 714-1164. We look forward to seeing you on the W.R.T. (Warner Robins Transit).

The free riding period ended March 7, 2016. The fare for bus rides is $1.50 per one-way ride. We have a special rate of $1.00 available to Seniors on Tuesdays, and to Students on Thursdays. Bus passes for unlimited rides will be available for purchase until May 31, 2016. Passes cost $35, and be purchased either on the bus or at our Main Office at 112 Memorial Terrace in Warner Robins. Drivers will not be able to make change.

Route 1 Schedule as of Feburary 9, 2016

  • Rosemont Court Parking lot
    7:15AM; 9:15AM; 12:15PM; 2:14PM; 3:30PM; 5:40PM
  • MLK Blvd. (Near Barber Shop)
    7:20AM; 9:10AM; 12:20PM; 2:11PM; 3:35PM; 5:35PM
  • Ignico Drive (Near store corner of Ignico and Tabor Drive)
    7:25AM; 9:03AM; 12:25PM; 2:07PM; 3:40PM; 5:32PM
  • Memorial Terrace (Near Stop N Shop)
    7:27AM; 9:00AM; 12:27PM; 2:03PM; 3:42PM; 5:30PM
  • Stop Kwik (North Davis Drive)
    7:30AM; 8:57AM; 12:30PM; 1:59PM; 3:45PM; 5:27PM
  • Ferguson Park (Elberta Road)
    7:35AM; 8:55AM; 12:35PM; 1:56PM; 3:50PM; 5:25PM
  • Springfield Gardens
    7:40AM; 8:52AM; 12:40PM; 1:53PM; 3:55PM; 5:20PM
  • Chevron (Elberta Road)
    7:43AM; 8:50AM; 12:43PM; 1:50PM; 3:58PM; 5:17PM
  • Walmart (Near Colony West Apartments
    7:50AM; 8:45AM; 12:50PM; 1:46PM; 4:07PM; 5:07PM
  • Houston Pavilion
    7:52AM; 8:46 AM: 12:53PM; 1:42PM; 4:09PM; 5:05PM
  • Hospital/CVS
    8:00AM; 8:41AM; 12:55PM; 1:38PM; 4:17PM; 5:00PM
  • 400 Green Street (Near WRHA Training Center)
    8:10AM; 8:36AM; 1:00PM; 1:34PM; 4:27PM; 4:55PM;
  • Food Giant Grocery Store
    8:08AM; 8:35AM; 1:05PM; 1:33PM
  • AGAPE Church (North Davis Drive)
    8:12 AM; 8:34AM; 1:02PM; 1:30PM; 4:29PM; 4:52PM
  • Central School Registration (South Davis Drive)
    8:14AM; 8:32AM; 1:04PM; 1:27PM; 4:31PM; 4:50PM
  • Cam Campbell Parking Lot (South Davis Drive)
    8:18AM; 8:30AM; 1:08PM; 1:24PM; 4:35PM; 4:48PM
  • Booth Road Walmart
    8:25AM; 1:15PM; 4:42PM

Route 2 Schedule as of February 9, 2016

  • Watson Walmart
    7:15AM; 9:40AM; 12:15PM; 1:59PM; 3:30PM; 6:00PM
  • Galleria Mall (Near Golden Corral)
    7:20AM; 9:30AM; 12:18PM; 1:55PM; 3:35PM; 5:56PM
  • BioLife Plasma Services
    7:25AM; 9:25AM; 12:20PM; 1:50PM; 3:45PM; 5:50PM
  • Lake Joy Walmart
    7:35AM; 9:15AM; 12:24PM; 1:44PM; 3:50PM; 5:41PM
  • Health Department/Employment/Court
    7:50AM; 9:08AM; 12:28PM; 1:38PM; 4:05PM; 5:26PM
  • Phoenix Center
    7:52AM; 9:05AM; 12:31PM; 1:34PM; 4:07PM; 5:24PM
  • Cancer Center
    7:54AM; 9:00AM; 12:34PM; 1:31PM; 4:09PM; 5:23PM
  • Central Georgia Tech
    7:55AM; 8:55AM; 12:37PM; 1:28PM; 4:10PM; 5:22PM
  • Offices Near Social Security Office
    8:05AM; 8:45AM; 12:40PM; 1:22PM; 4:20PM; 5:12PM
  • Food Depot (Right rear of complex)
    8:15AM; 8:35AM; 12:44PM; 1:18PM; 4:30PM; 5:02PM
  • Houston County Career Academy (Russell Park)
    8:20AM; 8:30AM; 12:48PM; 1:14PM; 4:35PM; 4:47PM
  • Booth Road Walmart
    8:25AM; 8:27AM, 12:54PM; 12:59PM, 4:41PM, 4:45PM